• Tub to Shower Remodel


    Shower to Tub Remodel

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    Most Common Bathroom Remodel

    Did you know that a batub to shower remodel is the most common remodeling jobs in a bathroom? There are many reasons that it is - your children are grown and there's no need to bathe a child in a bathtub, or your bathtub is outdated and a walk-in shower would upgrade your bathroom, or like many bathrooms the bathtub just isn't used. It's also partly to the busy lives we all now have and just don't have the time for a nice long soaking bath.


    Remodeling your bathtub to a shower is a fairly easy task versus a larger renovation and remodel. A bathtub to shower combination can many times be completed by our professional contractors within a couple of days. Be sure you've truly reviewed the pros and cons of removing the bathtub in favor of a shower. Belt Shower Door Install and Repair professionals will help you review your needs and goals for your needs in your bathroom and ensure a bathtub to shower is the right decision.


    There are a few pros of a bathtub to shower remodel:

    • Improved access - a walkin shower provides easier access in and out with more room inside to maneuver around while showering. This is one of the reasons a shower is safter than bathtubs
    • Takes up less room - this will give you more space in your bathroom as a whole. It also allows for showers to fit better in small bathrooms
    • Improve safety of your home - one of the most common accidents in the bathroom is slipping and falling and more common to slipp while stepping out of a bathtub.
    • Perception of More Space - add a clear shower door to your shower. Even if your new shower actually takes more space than your old bathtub, desinged appropriately, the bathroom will look and feel bigger.
    • Improve value of your home - a tub to shower remodel can add value to your home with an investment that should repay you more when you sale.
    • Water Bill - because you no longer have to fill up a bathtub, a shower can save you money every year. A lot of us do not think of this money saving benefit of a tub to shower remodel.

    Of course with Pros there's Cons:

    • No Soaking - if you do not have another bathtub in the house, you will not have a place to relax and soak at the end of your day. If you enjoy a good soak and your bathtub does not have a shower head, you might want to consider adding a shower head over the tub to give you both options.
    • Children - children are a joy and blessing and they LOVE bathtime. It's also much easier washing smaller children in the bathtub.
    • When going to sell, if there are no other bathtubs in the house, it could make it more difficult to sell to a family with children. Might need to then look at a shower to bathtub remodel. So think carefully when planning your remodel

    We're here to help!

    Our skilled professional contractors will work with you to determine if the bathtub to shower remodel fits your needs and your budget. There are hundredrs of options out there and can be a bit overwhelming. We'll take our time and ensure your new shower meets your design goals. Our contractors will review your plumbing and take all the necessary measurements to ensure your project can stay within your budget and design plan. We'll help ensure we cover all the details, like towel rail, hooks for hanging items, storage, and your decor. There's a lot to consider and we'll walk with you through it all!