• Bathtub Door Types

    What works best in YOUR bathroom?

    Which is best for your bathtub?

    The choice of your bathtub door can make or break the value of your home. Our professional teams will help you make the correct choice! There are dozens of options, but not all will improve your bathroom space. We'll work within your budget and find the best tub door giving your bathroom a cleaner and more modern look and feel!


    A Single Tub Door Panel has a few options as fixed, hinged or with a pivot. The fixed panels are exactly as they sound - they are 'fixed' and do not move. The Pivot or hinged are attached to the wall to swing open so will need a bit of room to use.


    There are framed and (semi) frameless doors where the glass bathtub door itself is held by metal clips not in an enclosed frame such as the Framed shower tub doors.



    Hinged or Bypass doors are common configurations for two or more bathtub panel doors. Hinged shower doors for a tub have multiple panels and hinge on one side. Bypass tub doors have two panels slightly staggered on a track like sliding doors so you can enter from either side of the tub.


    Belt Shower Door Install and Repair contractors have bathtub doors near you and can help you find the best bathtub door enclosure for your bathroom that fits within your budget. We specialize in bathtub door installations and once you've picked the best bathtub door, our specialists can also provide tub door installation. Our bathtub door install teams pride ourselves in providing the best service for the best cost.


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    • The size of your bathtub
      • The common tub length is 60" providing more options
      • 72" or longer will have limited options
      • Anything in between are not that common, but have a few options that will work
    • Shape of the Edge of the Tub
      • Many shower tub doors can only be installed on straight edges.
    • The size of your bathroom space and how the door will swing.